Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Snow Day 2018

We had a record amount of snow in the lowcountry today, the third day of the new year! It was much anticipated, but our family didn't plan very well. We didn't go to the grocery store before it hit. After all, we had half a loaf of bread and about a half gallon of milk- what else did we need? Well, fruit snacks apparently, and Mama really wanted Cheez-its. Daddy wanted grillables in case we lost power, and because they are good. Anyway, we have survived one day without needing extra provisions, so here's hoping tomorrow goes okay as well.

Today started out like most other days of the winter break, being pretty lazy and staying warm. My weather app said SNOW was happening at 9 am, but no, there was no snow. But about an hour later, it started sleeting a little. Then a lot. Then it was a wintry mix. I kept watching for the real thing. I kept waiting but not very patiently. A watched sky never snows! I tried to do a few little projects around the house to keep busy. That worked! It started snowing, REALLY HARD! It was beautiful and came down for hours. Our whole neighborhood was coated in a blanket of white.

We got out all the snow gear that we own. We all have ski pants or ski bibs which is great, but the kids really don't have great coats so we layered hoodies and fleeces under their rain coats. We also had to make do with cheap cotton gloves/mittens for them. Mama has the good ski gloves which I later shared even though they were gigantic on Camp's little hands. Savvie DID NOT CARE that she had gloves which got wet immediately. She must have bionic hands. And she just loved the snow that much. It was her first real snow, and it was magical. Camp also had a blast once he stopped complaining about being cold!

Some of the things we did today were: make snow angels, have snowball fights, make small snowmen (too powdery for anything bigger), sled down driveway on Rubbermaid lids and also body sledding by Camp (imagine a penguin; it was hysterical), walked down the road, made hot chocolate, kids snuggled on recliner, preserved Savvie's first snowball, made snow cream, and took our neighbor our space heater since her heat was not working. It was such a fun, fun day with my family.

P.S. Wearing pajamas inside out last night really worked! Yay snow!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Savvie's Second Birthday Kitty Cat Pawty

We celebrated sweet Savvie's second birthday coming up with a kitty cat themed pawty on Caturday! I had so much fun planning it and executing my vision. A special thanks to my wonderful in-laws for helping with food and setup! It was the cat's meow!

I made the invitation and most of the decorations with my Silhouette Cameo. I love being able to create for parties!
Krispy Kreme doughnuts, strawberry sugar wafers, and white chocolate dipped pretzel sticks were some of the sweet cat treats.
I made these cupcakes and cupcake wrappers! (well I had to have a little help to fix the wrappers from my sweet family)

This orange-vanilla glazed fruit salad was amazing. Find the recipe here!
Glitter dipped balloons! They were my biggest Pinterest fail, but they still looked pretty cute.
Have you ever been to a party with a goldfish bar? I loved this.

I made these adorable cat masks on my embroidery machine. The file was from Gracefully Geeky Designs. Best party favors ever.

Mouse Party! We used one mouse to decorate the cheese tray and the rest for a Mouse Hunt game in the yard. The kids loved looking for and hiding all the little mice while wearing their adorable cat masks!

Musical Paws. We played this game a few times. It's just like musical chairs but with paw prints. Super fun. Rosie won every time!

Jonathan built this crazy cool balance beam for his sweet girl's birthday. Both of our kids love "ba-beams" so it was on my list for him to make them. Didn't he do great?

She was once again not a fan of the cake/cupcake.

She prefers doughnuts.

Found a mouse!
Hooray for Lilly P and the opening of presents!
These girls love their Lilly.

Mama and her little kittens.

She was so excited to show off her new clothes and especially this bathing suit.

Double cool cat!

Well, that sure was a purrfect pawty. Bye for meow.